Top Automated Lifecycle Marketing Campaigns Your Business Needs

The idea is that you keep your customer-base engaged throughout all these stages and look at what external impacts could also affect them – a marriage, a move, billing changes or promotions ending. Understanding the Importance of Lifecycle Marketing This form of marketing is really important. Not only does it resonate with people because these … Read more

Top Account Based Marketing Trends of 2021


Great personalization B2B influencers Omnichannel communications Sales teams taking the lead Tactile marketing Greater Personalization Some companies are taking their ABM strategy to extreme levels of personalization. Here’s an example. A company targeting executives at T-Mobile for their business used social engineering to learn about the decision-makers. When they learned that John Legere, T-Mobile’s CEO … Read more

Marketing agency: What to know when finding one


• Content Strategy and Creation: Writing (copy), designing graphics, videos and photography, infographics and other communication pieces. These items can help bolster your SEO, close sales, and attract people to your services or products. • Traditional and Digital Advertising: Creating and running your ads and commercials in channels such as TV, Radio, Display, Social Media … Read more

Grow Your Business in Europe with Telegram Instant Messaging.

Telegram Instant Messaging

If you’re using instant messaging platforms for marketing or customer service today in Canada or the US, make sure you add in Telegram Messenger to reach international markets. And here’s why. The Features Europeans Love With Telegram No Ads Telegram claims it will always be free and ad (even subscription) free. Independently funded by it’s … Read more

What every Email Marketer needs to know about Dark Mode

dark mode

Dark mode is a reverse colour scheme using light text and image elements on a darker background. This feature was first introduced as a means to conserve battery life and energy consumption in as early as 2018. YouTube launched an optional dark theme shortly after and since then we’ve seen in influx of new dark … Read more

Content Strategy: Where to Start

Content Strategy where to start

In the marketing world, we hear ‘content is king’ for products, services, and especially marketing communications. Consumers and businesses are hungry for information, and creating content has a lot of benefits in our digital world. From Instagram posts to YouTube videos, webinars and blogs, businesses can grow their sales pipeline with good content. The problem … Read more

How To Write Marketing Content

how to write content

You’ve figured out your content strategy, and now onto step two – getting your content writing done. Creating content on topics your target market care about Good content needs to be something that informs, educates, or entertains an audience. This step requires a great deal of listening and reading, to find out what the target market need … Read more