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We're more than your average agency.

We live and breathe marketing, driven by a deep understanding of people and a relentless drive to optimize every campaign, email, website, and ad we touch. Whether you're an enterprise with a seasoned marketing team or a scale-up starting your marketing journey, we're here to fill in the gaps.

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When one door closes, another one opens.

In 2017, Katherine's career took a new direction. Shortly after returning to work from maternity leave, a restructure happened and her role was no more. That day, she bid adieu to 10 years in telecommunications, and needed to figure out what opportunity was next. At the suggestion of a brilliant friend and with the support of her network at her back, Katherine started consulting and found a new stride.

Starting Sensible Marketer Inc., the name resonated with everything she stood for—using insights and data to solve problems with marketing that makes sense. Sensible solutions for both enterprises needing to grow and nurture their customer base, and small businesses looking to scale up.

Fast forward years later, clients see Sensible Marketer as an extension of their teams. An agency who truly cares about helping them win and is committed to delivering value everyday. The team has grown both in number and potential, armed with marketing strategists, developers, designers, copywriters, pay per click experts, and more.

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Our core values
drive our success

Putting People First, Always

People are at the heart of everything, and it starts with looking out for each other. Our secret sauce is having a deep sense of empathy for our team members, clients, and customers. The best quality work doesn't only happen between 9-5, at a specific physical location, or because someone is working around the clock. It comes from supporting the physical and mental well-being of others, because people are at their best when pouring from a full cup.

Thriving With Diversity

We're not throwing words like inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration around—it's who we are. We come from different walks of life, with different skills, talents, and seniority. What's in common? Great vibes and absolute synergy! Everyone's opinions hold value, and we leave none behind.

Doing The Right Thing

Both among our clients and our team, it's essential for us to have clear direction on desired outcomes. There's no beating around the bush here—everyone needs to know how they're contributing and how the work is performing in the big picture. When mistakes happen, we own them, point out the issues (not point fingers!), and then huddle to resolve them.

Partnering With Our Clients

When our clients succeed, Sensible Marketer succeeds. Not to sound too clichéd, but we feel like we're part of their team. We're constantly pushing ourselves to take what we know further, because we want to continually earn our clients' business and trust. And, even if things take unexpected turns, we're there for them with suggestions, intel, and accountability. Whoever says success is only measured in revenue doesn't know what a growth mindset is all about!

Learning: All Day, Everyday

Let's face it—mistakes happen. It's what you do about them that makes all the difference. Without them, there's the risk of stagnancy and never growing beyond our comfort zone. But with them, there's the opportunity to learn and optimize. In a world where change is constant, we aren't set in our ways. We also aren't afraid to shake up the status quo to discover newer methods and trends in order to truly unlock our potential.

Getting Stuff Done, Smartly & Brilliantly

Strategy and execution are interconnected—neither works without the other. We know what it takes to get the job done well. When our clients find themselves stuck in analysis paralysis, we'll bring order and a path forward. Our processes and ability to break work down into pieces help us accomplish many great things. But don't take our word for it; watch us in action!

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We truly have the best people.

Learn more about our team of marketing experts.

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We don't call our people employees, because we're a team. Click on any of our team members to learn more about who they are.

Katherine Lesperance

Founder & CEO

As the Executive Officer of the boutique agency, Kat guides the brilliant team she has been able to bring together, to help clients get more out of their marketing. A true marketing nerd at heart, it’s not uncommon for her to roll up her sleeves and dig into marketing strategy and projects.

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Bhavna Lobo

Marketing Strategist, Product & Lifecycle

Bhavna works with our clients to harmonize their marketing with their product experience, creating a seamless journey that results in conversion. Before joining the Sensible Marketer team, Bhavna worked with brands such as Vodafone and Telus in everything from product management to customer marketing to strategy planning, giving her a deep understanding of the balance between customer value and business outcomes.

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Andrea Suarez

Marketing Strategist, Branding

Today, Andrea uses her skills to help clients build brands that can last, no matter what stage of business they’re in. She works alongside businesses to understand them, their specific needs, and how they’re positioned in the market to determine the best step forward. Through her experience, research, and attention to detail, she has helped product—and service-based businesses put their best foot forward.

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Laura Wiese

Marketing Strategist, Lifecycle & Communications

Today, you can find Laura working on strategies for digital campaigns and mapping customer lifecycles. As a strategist, her passion and inquisitive nature lead her to build consensus on strategy that touches multiple audiences and departments.

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Darrio Dean

Marketing Specialist

Today at Sensible Marketer, Darrio utilizes his skills and abilities to create engaging website copy, social media strategies, digital advertising campaigns, and more. Working with strategists, developers, and designers, Darrio helps to bring clients’ visions to life, targeting their ideal customers every step of the way.

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Emma Dietze

Marketing Specialist

Today at Sensible Marketer, Emma utilizes her skills and abilities to create meaningful, effective email, blog, and social media content for various clients. Working with strategists, developers, and designers, Emma helps bring clients’ visions to life, targeting their ideal customers at every step.

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Daniel Ottah


Today at Sensible Marketer, Daniel helps bring our clients’ designs to life, building websites and automated workflows in a site or software application to make things simpler. Once he’s done building the custom solutions or integrating an API, he builds documentation (gasp!) and training that have literally left our clients speechless.

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Amanda Fenwick

Developer & Designer

Today, you can find Amanda deep in programming dynamic content blocks in custom emails and building pages in eCommerce websites. When she’s not coding or troubleshooting, she’s designing style guides and other visual pieces.

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Jenna Smith

Graphic Designer

Jenna is working with clients in a variety of industries to tell their world who they are and convince buyers to buy with illustrations and materials that stop them from scrolling on. From building a company or organization’s first logo to emails, landing pages and magazine ads, Jenna helps our clients shine. Her design starts with listening to the client and understanding the little details that are different, and then she involves the client in stages so they feel like they’re part of the process.

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Enzo Lesperance

Director of Goodwill (DoG)

He remains calm (even asleep) during regular business hours, except around meal times. He helps promote a sense of security when anyone approaches or a door opens. His work experience includes chasing chuck-it balls, swimming, and scaring away magpies.

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