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"We sought help from Sensible Marketer because, while we were familiar with marketing techniques, we didn't know what was right for us. The team took the time to get to know us and then set us on the right path, providing great insight and direction. We are already seeing growth and good results thanks to their plan. Working with Sensible Marketer is like working with true partners."

Shawna Hickerson , Founder, Aurora Motion Graphics

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"As a commercial interior sub-trade, we wanted to work with the best general contractors in Calgary. To land these types of jobs, we knew we needed to look our best - which meant a new brochure, email signatures, business cards and a website to showcase the quality of our work. Sensible Marketer worked with us on everything from designing to printing a high-quality booklet and launching a website that competes with what we’ve seen from much larger companies. We would recommend them for any marketing needs you have."

Tom Rose, Westrose Interiors 

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"Sensible Marketer has been a joy to work with. They are knowledgeable, practical, quick, and above all, talented. We can always count on them to help us through challenges and come up with ways to solve problems that we had not considered. I highly recommend Sensible Marketer."

Kevin Hillman, Vice President Operations Arundel Capital Corporation

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"The Sensible Marketer team has helped us with understanding our target market better through research, while also helping us build up Origin Energy's online presence, and assisting our team with business development. They're a great team to work with."

Jason Gravelle, Origin Energy

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"The Sensible Marketer team has been able to turn around emails for Energetic Capital, quickly and easily. They have helped us over the last couple of years stay in touch with our clients and drive business when businesses need a direct source for capital."

Matt Bird, Vice President Business Development Energetic Capital

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