Startup marketing that hustles as hard as you.

Strict budgets still deserve quality marketing.

Every marketing dollar needs to go the mile

We know the hustle, the changes in the market, and the energy entrepreneurs bring. Let’s help you land that major deal, investor or client. From working with numerous startups and family businesses, here’s what startups need.

Startup Sales Marketing

You need sales, as of yesterday

Your offering is solid but you need sales. We help you identify the buyer you want, how we get their interest and a signed contract. It’s often the hardest part and entrepreneurs need a sales playbook to help land those deals from the types of clients they want.

Build your credibility and leads, online

Prospects want to kick your tires and see what you’re about. You need a website – a single scrolling-page, a brochure one, or an e-commerce platform – and you want it to show up on search engines, be ready for social ads, and delivered on budget.

credibility marketing
marketing startup

Your company needs to stand out

Make people as confident in your business as you are. As your business grows, you may need logos, tools and even a setup that speaks to the passion behind your business. You need options.

Startup Marketing Packages

Sales Jumpstart

Package includes:

  • Selling Proposition
  • Buyer Personas
  • Sales Playbook
  • 1, 2-Hour Coaching Session
  • .
  • .
  • .

Website Launch

Package includes:

  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Setup
  • 1, 2-Hour Training Session
  • 1, 2-Hour Coaching Session
  • .
  • ..

Sales Tools

Choose from:

  • Logo and Brand Guidelines
  • Digital and Print-Ready Brochure
  • Company and Owner Bio Write Ups
  • Product Write Ups
  • Business Cards
  • CRM Setup and Training
  • Marketing Coaching



Does your startup have unique marketing needs?

Not all startups are the same, but we have a lot of marketing expertise. Book us for a FREE 1-hour consult to tell us what you need.

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What others say about our marketing agency

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"Our forte is in building leading-edge, customized and secure software for the Healthcare industry. Once we finished building our first product, we knew we needed help with marketing pieces for tradeshows and sales conversations. The team helped us build a pitch deck with one-pagers that truly captured how our tech helps hospitals, municipalities and others be better prepared for crises. We recommend Sensible Marketer to any other tech startups needing help with their marketing!”

Kim Jessen, Chief Operating Officer Techhead Innovative Systems

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“Katherine of Sensible Marketer Agency was very responsive and went above and beyond to try and fix a website problem that I was experiencing. I highly recommend their team as they create a great agency-client synergy. You will find a team of experienced people who excel in their crafts.”

Andrea Iervella,

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“Katherine and the Sensible Marketer Team were absolutely integral in getting my business rolling at startup, especially from a Marketing standpoint. Katherine was extremely knowledgeable , creative, super helpful and most importantly really patient with my technological struggles. Sensible Marketer was there for me every step of the way and we will continue to utilize their expertise moving forward. I would highly recommend Kat and her team to anyone wanting quick, affordable, professional service and a team who is joy to work with.”

Sean Payne, President EnviroFog Solutions

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Startup FAQ

Getting Started

I’ve never worked with an agency before. What can I expect?

We act like one of your team members, and will be transparent and committed to the work we do. You can expect us to ask lots of questions up front to clarfiy the task, and then get work done on time, on budget and the level of quality you expect.

What if I need one item from each of your marketing packages?

No problem. Contact us and we will set up a free consult to get to know you and what you need. We will then take it away and put together a proposal for you.

What if I have marketing needs not listed here?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our startup page, checkout our other services pages to get an idea of what we can offer. Or better yet, contact us with what you’re looking for!

Marketing Solutions

I need marketing help, but where do I even start?

This is a common issue for many entrepreneurs! Rather than try to fit into a package, contact us and set up a free consult. Be prepared to tell us your goals and challenges, and we can help you figure out where to start.

How important is SEO and Social Media?

These are the too most common items we are asked about. They are important and have their place, but are often not the key issue behind getting sales quickly. We do offer these services, but we will first determine if this is truly what you need.

What marketing tools should I start using for my business?

We are a fan of data, so we recommend you get your business set up with a CRM like hubspot (free version to start!) or somewhere you can track your contacts. If you have a website, make sure Google Analytics is on there. And then the other martech will depend on the problems you’re trying to solve.

I’m Startup, but need to attract investors. Can you help?

Yes we sure can. We can help with everything from pitch decks to Press Releases, to target investors in North America. Connect with us so we can see what you may need.

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