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CRM & Marketing Automation

Making your marketing tools work harder

We are tool agnostic, and work in leading enterprise CRM SaaS tools. Whether you need help in setting up your first drip campaigns or retention journeys, we’re the team to help you.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Start with the data and insights

Whether you have a lot or a little, bad data or good data, we pull out trends and customer behaviours. From there, we can help automate drip campaigns to land more business and reduce costs.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Launch Simply. Learn Quickly. Optimize Monthly

You’re stuck. Programs keep getting delayed because of capacity, workload or approvals. We’ll help show you the way of agile marketing to get your campaigns up and running and help remove bottlenecks.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Make it easy for you and your team

Your team’s inundated with requests and bogged down in approvals. We can help you by offering training, creating templates or even taking on some of the work that’s important, but not urgent.

CRM & Marketing Automation Engagements

Data/CRM Audits & Analysis


  • Current vs Future State Analysis
  • Short- & Long-term Recommendations
  • CRM Planning & Next Steps
  • Opportunities & ROI Forecasting

Direct Marketing & Automation Solutions


  • Campaign Strategy, Development & Execution
  • Life-cycle Triggered Campaigns & Newsletters
  • Automated Journeys
  • Push notifications-Email-SMS-outbound-Direct Mail
  • Development & Data work in CRM tool

A la Carte CRM Services

Choose from:

  • CRM Training & Coaching
  • Custom Email HTML Templates
  • Content Builder Email Templates
  • Data Analysis & Segmentation
  • Dashboard & Reporting Automation
  • Agile Marketing Consults

Do you need other marketing help?

If you can’t find a service you need on this page, take a peek at the outsourced services we offer. Then get in touch with us and let’s discuss what you’re looking for.

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Sensible Marketer Inquiry: Marketing Automation

CRM & Marketing Automation

Getting Started

How do you operate? Inhouse? Remote?

We often work as an ‘in-house’ agency 1 or 2 days a week, or once a month. That way it’s easier for us to get to know your business and deliver solutions that take work off your to dos. But we also are perfectly ok working remote!

How can your team help us?

Our team is fully experienced in direct marketing, and we have full time staff who are developers, strategists, and a data analyst who can write SQL and run macros in Excel you could only dream of. We have the skills to help you run more efficiently, get you started, or optimize what you’re doing.

How do your retainers work?

We will provide you an estimate on what the monthly retainer will be, but we know that business needs can change. We often bill for the hours we use, and if we are trending higher, we will advise you and ask to reprioritize work, increase the retainer, or pull from the following month’s retainer. We will work to balance it out to the final budget.

CRM Questions

What tools are you speciailized in?

We have worked over the years in tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and countless others (even Aprimo many moons ago!). We are agnostic to the tool, as many have similar functionality with a few different features. At the end of the day, it comes to the process and people behind the tool.

Can you help us, even if our data quality is poor?

Yes! You’re not the first business to think you have to wait until the data quality is fixed up. But if the data quality has always been poor, we can still pull trends and build linkages to make it work. Once we understand the data, we can help build the messaging and the programs.

Do you specialize in integrating CRMs?

No, our specialty is in using the CRM you currently have set up, bringing in data from other sources, or helping marketing determine the path to CRM. As for implementation, we leave that to those who are specialized and can provide referrals if you need.

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