How much does it cost to build a website in Calgary?


August 14, 2020

Having a website is a great tool for building your new business’ credibility, running an online store, or even to attract prospects who are searching online. Creating a website though can be as unique as your business, so there are a lot of factors that determine what your cost is. How many pages? Do you need content written? Do you have your images ready? Do you need a login state, ecommerce, bookings or other special features? We’ll take a look at what it can cost having a professional or agency in Calgary or surrounding areas.We often find business owners want to start by figuring out the platform, but that’s not the best place to begin. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, be prepared to answer:

  • What your company goals are
  • What does a successful website look like to you
  • What you like/don’t like about your competitor sites
  • What specific features/functionality do you need it to do
  • If you are going to supply the images/artwork/written words (we call this copy) for your site.
how much does the website cost in Calgary

DIY Website Builders

These days there are many options available today. WordPressWixSquareSpaceWeeblyShopify to name a few. The price tag is also very appealing to those small businesses just starting out because many of them can be up and running for free, aside from hosting costs. It’s a great solution for those owners who are starting out without funds.

These website builders often have a free version, but as you need additional functionality, there will be a charge for plugins or upgrades to your site. Before you invest anytime into creating the actual website, make sure you have checked into any costs for schedulers, accepting payments or other features you need.

Costs for having a professional build your website

Working with a professional will ensure that your website looks sharp and can take into account important items like the user experience, SEO brought in from the start, best practices for writing the descriptions on your page, all while freeing you up to take care of other business needs.

There are many factors that play into the cost of a website design. For instance, are you looking for a simple “online brochure” type website or do you need custom functionality like an e-commerce marketplace or restricted membership portal? Unique website functionality, the number of pages, volume of maintenance your site requires… it all plays a big part in the final price tag.

Let’s breakdown some ball park figures for you to get a general sense of what you may be looking at to get a website designed in Calgary:

Simple and Templated Website

$1,400 – $2,200
This would be a very simple templated site, often with around 3 pages or a long scrolling page with information about your business and a contact form. It would get you online and the turnaround time would be quick, and is often best for people who aren’t dependent on their website but need it as a way to build credibility.

If you’re starting out your business, this is a good place to start as your business may change after a few months of running. This will give you the learnings of what you need, before you invest heavily into a website.

A Brochure Website

$2,500 – $4,000
This site will often provide you with a basic site including homepage, about, services, blog, contacts us, etc. It may still be built off of templates, but there are often some customized solutions that give it a more professional look and feel. Your site may be anywhere from 5-15 pages and the content would be focused on displaying your work, your customer reviews and blog content that helps show off your expertise.

Some ‘lite’ features could be incorporated with the site to have pieces that are moving, simple features that use 3rd part plugins and then run with a subscription cost afterwards.

In this option we are getting heavier on page numbers, increased functionality and unique features. This site could have more than 8 pages, with login areas, appointment booking, payments and other interactions that happen on the site directly. Often the pages will have components that appear, move, or attract more attention than a static images. There are stronger lead forms and detailed pages that cater to unique markets.

The E-Commerce Engine

The cost to design a website in Calgary for this type of site will depend on the number of products that you are showcasing online. The more products, the higher the cost. Working with a professional will ensure that you products are properly optimized for Google shopping, shipping, and more. There are a lot of considerations, such as whether you need to integrate into a social media platform, what communications are set up as part of your flows (like an abandoned cart) and more.

Building a website is a big investment, no matter what size your business is. It is often difficult to know where to go, so we often recommend to people they source out three quotes. The biggest cost in getting quotes is your time, but they can compare different offerings from different companies. These quotes may bring up items you haven’t thought about, so it will help you define what you need.

And don’t forget – there is building a website, but then there is also maintaining it. Make sure to budget for maintenance to happen monthly, as you want to ensure your site is functioning and looking as good as the first few weeks it went live.

If you could use a hand, book us for a free consult to talk about websites and help you determine what you’re looking for.

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