How To Sell Your Story With Data

How To Sell Your Story With Data

Businesses know decisions should be made with data points. So why is it so hard for people to buy-in when facts and numbers are presented? Data helps establish credibility and changes decisions from being subjective to objective, but far too often, it’s pushed aside. After working with multiple businesses who have lots to little data, … Read more

Content Strategy: Where to Start

Content Strategy where to start

In the marketing world, we hear ‘content is king’ for products, services, and especially marketing communications. Consumers and businesses are hungry for information, and creating content has a lot of benefits in our digital world. From Instagram posts to YouTube videos, webinars and blogs, businesses can grow their sales pipeline with good content. The problem … Read more

How To Write Marketing Content

how to write content

You’ve figured out your content strategy, and now onto step two – getting your content writing done. Creating content on topics your target market care about Good content needs to be something that informs, educates, or entertains an audience. This step requires a great deal of listening and reading, to find out what the target market need … Read more