Brand Logo Samples

Wordmark (or logotype)

Wordmarks and logotypes are font-based logos that focus solely on a business’ name. Think Visa and Coca-Cola.

Monogram logo (or a lettermark)

Logos based on letters, usually brand initials, are called monogram logos or lettermarks. If your company has a lengthy name, initials are an excellent choice.

A Logo with a Pictorial mark (or a logo symbol)

These are graphic-based logos that are created around familiar things. Think of the word picture in pictorial. These marks consist of familiar items like flowers, plants, animals, homes, utensils and the list goes on.

A Logo with an Abstract logo mark

In this type of pictorial logo, instead of being a recognizable icon, these are an abstract geometric shape that conveys a specific idea or attribute.

Mascot logos

Mascot logos are logos that involve an illustrated character to represent your company. They’re an ambassador that works well with wholesome brands that appeal to kids & families.

The emblem logo

Emblem logos include styled text inside a symbol or icon, such as badges, seals or crests. A logo with this appearance can make a powerful impact because of its traditional style.