Jenna Smith

“For great design, listen to the client, then create using their language. Don’t fall into a trap of media design fads–all your work will look the same, nothing will set your client apart or last. Great design needs to connect with the client and their customers.”

Some things you may not know about Jenna

  • Having lived in Florida for 25 years, Jenna was fortunate to attend one of few prestigious private art colleges in the US, Ringling College of Art and Design, where she graduated in the top 10 of her class.
  • She secretly daydreams of being a hairdresser, nail technician, or barista. So to fill her cup, she cuts her friend’s and family’s hair, does their nails and her own all while drinking copious amounts of coffee.
  • If Jenna could have a superpower, she wishes she could manipulate plants. Kinda like E.T but without the creepy glowing finger. Either healing them, making them grow faster or genetically modifying them to have a greater power to heal, soothe and comfort people.

How Jenna brings the intangible into a visual dream

Jenna has always exploded with creativity. From her early days it started with apprenticing under another creator using oil paints bringing unicorns and fairies to life, to then creating marketing materials for a County in Florida. 

Knowing she was destined for a life of making things beautiful and engaging, she found herself designing for a tourism destination, Visit Crystal River, in Florida, then for a small agency in Alberta. With agency life, she learned what it meant to hustle while building digital and print advertising that broke through.

Now at Sensible Marketer, Jenna is working with clients in a variety of industries to tell their world who they are, convince buyers to buy with illustrations and materials that stop them from scrolling on. From building a company or organization’s first logo to emails, landing pages and magazine ads, Jenna helps our client’s shine. Her design starts with listening to the client, and understanding the little details that are different, and then involving the client in stages so they feel like they’re part of the process.

When Jenna is not making our clients cry with joy at what she has created, you can find her being the Martha Stewart on her block and building crafts and decor for her home. Whether it’s decorating her home with wreaths for every holiday, or doing her own gel nails in a festive pattern, there’s no end to her creativity at work or at home.