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“When it comes to data, people like to say there’s too much data or that it’s ‘bad.’ In some cases, the data quality is poor, but there is always a way to find trends and insights – we just have to roll up our sleeves and dig in.”


Senior Data Analyst

Chris Hirose

Some things you may not know about Chris

  • He’s a hockey dad with one son playing professional and another in college.
  • He’s failed at retiring, not once, but multiple times.
  • He is a natural-born runner and has even crossed the finish line at a couple of marathons.

Why Chris makes a great Data Analyst

Chris has witnessed many businesses holding themselves back, simply because they lacked the tools and data to make informed decisions. He has pursued diving into datasets, no matter how complicated, to find answers that can change or affirm the business’ path. By using data as a competitive advantage for growth, he has experience analyzing data to identify areas of improvement that make business better.

Having used analytics and CRM tools such as Tableau, SQL, Salesforce, and Marketo, he can tap into analytics that improves productivity within any business size.

Before coming to Sensible Marketer, he worked at Shaw Communications, Telus, and Nortel. Knowing how to navigate back-end issues and analyze data sets from a few thousand to over 500K, he is our go-to for anything data.

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