Bhavna Lobo

“The biggest secret to success as a marketer is to understand and accept that you are not always the target audience. Being able to slip out of your own beliefs, values and motivations and slip into the persona of your target audience is the most valuable skill you can develop and utilize as a marketer.”

Some things you may not know about Bhavna

  • She has always been interested in science and wanted to be a doctor when she was a child
  • She loves music, all genres, even in languages she does not understand. In her younger days, she dabbled in songwriting with her friend’s band
  • Born and raised in India, a land of many languages (India has 22 official languages and 100s of dialects), she speaks three languages fluently: English, Hindi, and Marathi, and has dabbled in Gujarati as well.

What makes Bhavna a great Strategist

Bhavna is passionate about user experience and believes it is a key element in differentiating great products from good ones. With over 15 years of experience across telecommunications, digital entertainment, consumer packaged goods, and technology solutions, Bhavna has the ability to thoroughly understand her target customer.

Before joining the Sensible Marketer team, Bhavna worked with brands such as Vodafone and Telus in everything from product management to customer marketing to strategy planning, giving her a deep understanding of the balance between customer value and business outcomes..

Today at Sensible Marketer, you can find Bhavna working with our clients to harmonize their marketing with their product experience, creating a seamless journey that results in conversion. Bhavna also helps small and medium Canadian businesses through the Canada Digital Adoption Program, working with them to boost their e-commerce presence and sales, and help digitize their business operations.

In her spare time, Bhavna likes to paint, dance, make crafts with her kids, learn new makeup techniques, and has recently taken up gardening and enhancing her cooking skills.