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Our Best Checklist For Creating Content

checklist to writing content
So you’ve decided to make your own content. Gutsy move! Whether it’s describing your business’ products or services, or building your keywords for SEO, or generating inbound leads with great material, content needs to start from you business and consider your target market.

Some tips we generally offer when you’re investing in content:

  • Don’t be afraid to reuse content – often you can recycle it when the season is right, when it has high engagement, or even cut it down to be used elsewhere. Remember, not everyone reads every single marketing material you put out there;
  • Take a look at what your competitors are doing, and what’s getting a lot of engagement;
  • And lastly, ensure you can measure it – see how many people share it, watch it, subscribe, click on the page or email and more.

If you still need more help with content, be sure to check out our blogs about Content Strategy: Where to Start and How To Write Marketing Content.

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