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“No matter where you are in the world, every website starts as a blank screen. Development can seem like a big undertaking, but with time, effort and the help of advanced technologies, the journey can be very exciting!”




Some things you may not know about Minako

  • Minako grew up in rural Japan, learning about and exploring her family’s rice field farm, which drives her passion of exploring unique landscapes.
  • Cooking new dishes for her family is a daily adventure, she enjoys Asian, Western and Mediterranean recipes.
  • She came to Alberta in 2008 and fell in love with the landscape, which has touching similarities to her home in central Japan.

What makes Minako a great Developer

If you were to look up Minako in the dictionary, you’d find “determined to make your dream a reality” next to her name. In her earlier years, she envisioned a career that had universal potential in a fast growing industry, and that’s where she landed on development. After taking online classes, she took her learnings and started building websites. Now, she eats, sleeps and breathes design and development. Her favourite development programs are Visual Studio Code and Figma.

In her free time, Minako enjoys attending virtual tech meetups where she can network and learn with other professionals. If she isn’t on her computer, you can find Minako deep in the Rocky Mountains camping and enjoying the breathtaking views. Camping and fishing go hand-in-hand in Minako’s family, so everyone has their own fishing pole. Child sizes included!

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