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“Even if you met all the basic requirements of user experience, there are still important elements that are needed to complete the masterpiece. Factors such as technical accuracy, constant testing, visual aesthetics, and active participation of all team members are all required to make great design.”



Lisa Tarnarutckaia

Some things you may not know about Lisa

  • Lisa has a Master’s in Digital Humanities and studied Literature and Linguistics but specialized in UX/UI design because she loves that modern web design involves people, their feelings and needs.
  • Her favorite technologies are Instagram and the live streaming platform Twitch. She enjoys seeing how users, bloggers, and companies use it for building personal brands.
  • Coming from Russia, Lisa is ready for Calgary winter – especially with her collection of 30 toques and 20 scarves.

Why Lisa is more than your average Developer

Lisa found excitement being both a computer geek and an expert in humanities. She knows that to create great digital products, you need to understand how humans think, their culture and past experiences.

With over a decade of experience in copywriting and user interface design, she has worked at a News Agency and Museum. Her Master’s degree coupled with her creative streak positions her to deliver memorable online user experiences. Her days are currently filled with user interface development, a WordPress dashboard, and of course, fancy HTML tags.

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