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“The most trusted brands are the ones that have cohesive branding. To stand out from the competition you must ensure your brand is recognizable on any platform your customers can find you on. People like to do business with brands they trust so ensure all of your content aligns well.”


Lead, Development & UX Design

Lead, Development, Design

Some things you may not know about Caroline

  • She grew up on a ranch and started training horses when she was 13 years old.
  • Her biggest role model growing up was a well known, local Canadian entrepreneur that personally taught her to live in the present moment and not let your past define you.
  • She loves to dig into the needs of her community and create side hustles with friends, like Dog Paw Balm.

Why Caroline has the knack for Development and Design

Caroline helps our clients turn complex web projects into well thought out interface designs. As our senior developer and introverted nerd, the years of experience she brings in UX design, web development and email marketing make this the perfect job for her.

She loves to bike, bake and create automated processes. With the rapid pace of the digital world, focusing on aimless tasks leaves businesses stuck. Instead, businesses need to prioritize self-sufficient processes that are easy for all.

Prior to joining our team she worked at SAIT for 4 years and did a lot of work using Salesforce for email automation.

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