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Aqsa Mehr

“Our clients often make us feel like part of the team, and we often forget that we’re not! But I think that’s why we work so well together and generate great results, as they know we are just as determined as they are to grow their business.”

Aqsa Mehr

Strategist | Brand & Copywriting

Katherine Executive Officer, Marketing Strategist

Some things you may not know about Kat

  • She’s an ‘accidental’ entrepreneur, but now can’t picture herself being anywhere else.
  • As a fan of communication, Katherine speaks English, Spanish, French, and German.
  • Her biggest inspirations are her parents, who came from South America and had to rebuild their entire lives in Canada.

How she became the founder of Sensible Marketer

Kat found that working in marketing was her passion, as it let her build a strategy, launch it, and see if it worked. When it worked, “how could it be better?” Kat’s curiosity fuels her to stay on trend with digital marketing tips and tricks to make sure businesses get the most out of their campaigns.

From working at Neteller, Telus, and Shaw Communications, Kat learned how to get work done while building agile processes that made campaigns get great results. Making simplicity a priority, Kat’s natural talent for managing complex problems allows her to help business achieve goals with actionable steps.

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