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“Social media isn’t about posting every day; it’s about focusing on your following and your target market to identify their interests and preferred content. These findings will drive your content strategy, so focus on the quality and not the quantity.”


Marketing Coordinator

Abbie Undershute

Some things you may not know about Abbie

  • Abbie and her partner Mackenzie refer to their house as a ‘zoo’, tending to every need of their mini-dachshund, Trout, and two cats, Nixon and Salmon.
  • After graduation, she worked for Beakerhead, where she found her love for social media marketing and discovered the power of #hashtags.
  • Her favourite hobby is caring for unique house plants and trading cuttings with her friends. #plantqueen

How Abbie can take your content & copywriting to the next level?

Abbie has a passion for research and loves reading up on the latest trends in social media strategies. By taking a deep dive into our clients’ followings, she is able to highlight growth opportunities, engage the community and seek out unique content. When she is not digging into the world of social media, she is perfecting her craft of copywriting for websites, emails, and campaigns galore. Her goal is to continue to challenge herself with copywriting for new industries and social media platforms.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Saskatchewan, where the beautiful city on the river, Saskatoon, stole a piece of her heart. With her endless curiosity, Abbie is always looking for new ways to take social media and copywriting further. If you asked Abbie, Instagram would be her favourite social platform because of the empowerment, friendship and community it offers to each individual user. LinkedIn is a close second – let’s connect!

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